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We are the best in optimising existing outsourcing partnerships or to manage a partner change with minimal risks. Our support includes the implementation of an efficient provider management function.


Latest news from the outsourcing market

12.11.2015 - Sanitas outsources IT to Swisscom

The insurance group Sanitas decided to outsource their Core-IT to Swisscom by 1st of January 2016. According to Sanitas, the decision is linked to the creation of a center of excellence for insurance companies by Swisscom, which will minister transaction-oriented IT-processes. (more)

12.11.2015 - Valiant renews outsourcing contract with Swisscom

The regional bank Valiant renewed its outsourcing contract with Swisscom. Inside-it states that the terms of contract have improved, which will result in lower IT-costs. The deal includes the application management of the Finnova core banking software and the maintenance of corresponding peripheral systems. (more)

05.11.2015 - Munich Re chooses NTT DATA as a partner for realization of their IT-sourcing-strategy

The reinsurer Munich Re selected NTT DATA to realize its IT-sourcing-strategy. The partnership, which has been lasting for 30 years, will therefore be strengthened. (more)

29.10.2015 - Jet Aviation renewed their cloud contract with T-Systems

Jet Aviation renewed their contract for a cloud-based SAP with T-Systems for another four years. T-System states that they support the aviation group by sourcing, service and configuration of their planes. By providing all SAP-services as and when required only the effective computing power and storage capacity is to be charged. (more)

28.10.2015 - Oechsler modernises IT-infrastructure with Alcatel-Lucent

Oechsler, a company focusing on plastic processing, modernized its IT-infrastructure and implemented an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution. In addition to a conventional telephone network the system includes a wide area network. (more)

23.10.2015 - Canton Zurich chose Swisscom for the operation of its Health-platform

The supporting association advocating for the introduction of digital medical files in the canton Zurich decided to work together with Swisscom Health to build and operate its platform. According to Swisscom, the platform has to serve roughly 4‘000 care providers to exchange digital health data. .... (more)

15.10.2015 - dwpbank choses FI-TS as single-sourcing-provider

dwpbank, a german security transaction bank, sourced out the operation of their IT-Infrastructure and application management to FI-TS. The decision, which took effect on 1st October, was made in contrast of a strategic focus. FI-TS states that dwpbank switched from a multi-sourcing-strategy to a single-sourcing-model. .... (more)

09.10.2015 - Winkhaus goes for SAP out of the cloud from All for One Steeb

Winkhaus, a producer of locking systems, decided to transfer their SAP-systems to a Managed Private Cloud solution by All for One Steeb. According to All for One Steep the product offers great additional benefits due to lower administration effort and superior scalability. .... (more)

23.09.2015 - Ebase renews outsourcing-partnership with CGI

B2B-Direktbank ebase announced the renewal and expansion of its outsourcing-partnership with CGI. According to CGI, the contract in addition to the operation of the existing IT-infrastructure incorporates improvements of the virtual desktop-infrastructure, telephony and network-infrastructure. The project has a time horizon of five years and a TCV of EUR 15 Mio. .... (more)

22.09.2015 - S&P Insurance Group optains IT-services through UMB

S&P Insurance Groups decided to source its IT-services through UMB Datacenter. UMB announces a contract duration of five years and includes the supply of virtual desktops. This approach enables a flexible adjustment of the IT to the rapid changing market conditions. .... (more)

02.09.2015 - Swiss Re outsources data backup to UMB

The reinsurance group Swiss Re outsources its backup and restore-infrastructure to UMB. According to an article published by Inside-IT Swiss Re so far partially operated their backup- and restore-systems on its own, partially optained them from a third party. UMB adopts the operation as a whole and looks after the infrastructure on-site. .... (more)

24.08.2015 - QSC supports Tchibo with the digitalisation of their business processes

The commercial enterprise Tchibo transferred the responsibility for the digitalisation of their IT infrastructure onto QSC. According to QSC, thereby the current strategic partnership will be strengthened. The agreement includes a transition of selected SAP Systems onto the real-time database technology «SAP HANA». .... (more)



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